Design Consultation
At Dominion Ponds, we are just as invested in the success of your water feature construction as you are. That's why we offer in-depth design consultations to make sure we build a water feature that you'll love. We believe an important part of our job is to share our knowledge with customers. During our consultations we will meet you onsite and discuss your vision for the project.  We will be taking notes, lot's of them.  We want to capture as much information as we can to create a design that will best meet your needs.  You will receive 3 unique designs to choose from and we will educate you on the differences and benefits of each.  Lastly, we will provide you a detailed estimate of costs, timeline for completion, and design schematics for the feature. 


Types of Water Features


EcoSystem Ponds

The ecosystem design is our most popular at Dominion Ponds.  It is a low maintenance, economical pond that relies on aquatic plants and beneficial bacteria to manage water quality. Ecosystem pond design will typically feature a waterfall filter and skimmer to aid in filtration and water circulation. This style of pond requires basic weekly care and minimal quarterly maintenance.  We recommend an annual drain to thoroughly clean the floor of the pond and thin aquatic plants. The ecosystem pond is great for goldfish or small koi, but not a suitable long-term habitat for large adult koi.


Dedicated Koi Ponds

This pond is designed with the sole purpose of showcasing koi fish without distraction and creating an environment that does not require annual draining of the pond. The Dedicated Koi pond relies on the use of technology to manage water quality. The main objective is to remove all organic waste and solids from the pond via skimmers & bottom drains. Once the solid waste is removed and separated from the water column, clear water is processed in the bio-filter, run through a UV clarifier and returned to the pond. The Dedicated Koi Pond requires 15 to 30 minutes of maintenance each week and does not require an annual draining for deep cleaning.

Hybrid Ponds - Undergravel Suction Grid

The under gravel suction grid design is one of our favorites at Dominion Ponds.  This design greatly improves water clarity and water quality, reduces annual maintenance, and allows the homeowner to stock the pond with larger fish populations. The entire floor of this pond becomes a living bio-filter and digests debris that settles to the bottom of the pond. This is a very low maintenance pond, requiring simple weekly maintenance and minimal quarterly maintenance including the thinning out of aquatic plants in the active bog filter.  Annual draining is NOT required for deep cleaning. This pond is suitable for large koi as a long-term habitat.

Waterfalls & Streams

Adding a waterfall or stream to your property is an excellent way to enjoy the sights and sounds of moving water without the maintenance of a pond.  In our waterfall and stream construction water flows through your landscape and disappears in to a underground basin where the water is pumped back to the top of the feature.  Unlike a pond, a waterfall does not have to operate 24/7.  We can set your waterfall or stream to turn on and off on a timer or by remote control.  

Formal Water Gardens

Formal water gardens have been around for thousands of years.  The Roman aquaducts and traditional English gardens were one of the inspirations for today's formal water garden design.  In a formal water garden we want still water reflecting the surroundings in the landscape.  Traditional water gardens have a symmetrical shape and can be raised, sunken, or flush to the landscape.  Fountains and aquatic plants can be added to promote water clarity.

Fountains and Small Water Features
Adding a fountain or small water feature is a great way to add another dynamic to your landscape.  Fountains and spouting rocks take up less space than a pond or larger feature but still provide the visual and acoustic qualities of moving water. 

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